Fabian Bourzat: "Gabriella and Guillaume will be better than Charlie and Meryl and Tessa and Scott"

By Hiro Yoshida

This time last year Fabian Bourzat was making preparations for his final competition as a skater with partner Nathalie Péchalat. The two-time European champions missed out on gold at the World Championships in Japan by 0.06 points in one of the closest contests in ice dance history. Twelve months later Bourzat finds himself standing on the other side of the boards at the World Junior Championships in Tallinn as a coach for a number of teams who train with Igor Shpilband, including Angélique Abachkina and Louis Thauron from France. 

Fabian Bourzat & Nathalie Pechalat
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Cappellini/Lanotte: "Why Should We Stop doing Something We Love Just Because We Are World Champions?"

Ahead of their defence of their World title in Shanghai this week, Laura Sciarrillo talks exclusively with Anna Cappellini and Luca Lanotte about how they have coped this season with ups and downs and why they still have the burning desire to compete.

Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte
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Eteri Tutberidze: "It's Not Difficult To Divide Time"

By Hiro Yoshida

Eteri Tutberidze rose to prominence last season as the coach of Julia Lipnitskaya who spectacularly won the European title in Budapest, then helped Russia win the Team Event at the Sochi Olympics and became a worldwide media sensation for her “Schindler’s List” free skating programme, and finally capped things off with a silver medal at the World Championships in Saitama. Lipnitskaya was dropped from the Russian team for Europeans and Worlds this season, but her coach has been busier than ever with her charges competing at both Europeans in Stockholm and Junior Worlds in Tallinn.

Julia Lipnitskaya with Eteri Tutberidze
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2015 World Juniors Recap - Men

The organisers of the 2015 World Junior Championships decided that the men would bring the curtain down on the competition at the Tondiraba Icehall and it was by far the most intriguing and hard to predict event of the week.

2015 World Junior Championships Mens Podium
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2015.03.16 Monday | 09:13 | - | - | 2015 Jr. Worlds (Tallinn) | *

2015 Worlds Juniors Recap - Pairs & Ice Dance

The pairs and the ice dance events at the 2015 World Junior Championships in Tallinn played out pretty much as expected with the leading teams coming into the competition showing exactly why they had been the favourites beforehand.

2015 World Junior Championships Pairs Medallists
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2015.03.15 Sunday | 20:22 | - | - | 2015 Jr. Worlds (Tallinn) | *
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